Sata defends his open tribalism and nepotism as kwasha mukwenu

President Michael Sata yesterday finally defended his open tribalism and nepotism in appointments and favouritism by calling it ‘kwasha mukwenu’ (wako ni wako).

Speaking when he swore-in a fellow old relative who is Dr. Kaunda’s brother-in-law, Miles Kaweche Banda, Sata said there are too many fake investors in this country that were just coming for copper.

“If Guy Scott (Vice-president) brings his fellow white people in this country, I don’t care because they are his relatives. It is kwasha mukwenu (wako ni wako), said president Sata.

Mr. Sata said there was too much poverty and unemployment in the country a situation he said was unacceptable.

In the usual disjointed statement, Mr. Sata later took the state house swearing-in-ceremony into a comedy of distributing documents showing opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s sources of income and wealth.

In the so called dossier, Mr. Sata said Mr. Hichilema has shares in a number of companies in Zambia and is basically the sole supplier of beef in this country.

Among the companies said to be jointly owned by Mr. Hichilema include Pick n Pay, Zambeef, Zambezi Sun Hotel, Chilenga Cement, Game Stores and others.

The same dossier which was released sometime last year by Sata showed detailed bank accounts for Mr. Hichilema in various banks.

But as it was not a press conference, journalists had no opportunity to ask him whether the wealth was stolen or not or if it was stolen, why he had not arrested.

The journalists also did not have the opportunity to ask Mr. Sata why he spends sleepless nights wanting to improve the lives of many Zambians when the few successful ones easily became subjects of his ridicule.

Sata’s open tribalism has been grabbing international headlines since he assumed office.

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