Sata defies medical advice, goes to campaign for Big Moze in Katuba

Ailing dictator Michael Sata is expected in Katuba to support his thug candidate ‘Big Moze’ in spite of medical advice that he should not do strenuous activities.

And Sata is in the process of bribing headmen in an effort to win Katuba parliamentary by-election.

On Saturday, Sata is expected to address a rally at Munjuni primary school.

State house sources have disclosed that from the time Sata returned from treatment in India and UK a few days ago, he has been spending most of his time receiving treatment from his local medical team but the fear of losing the Katuba seat has pushed him to get out of his sick bed.

The rally, just like the usual campaigns he has been holding in other parts of the country where there had been by-elections is expected to last for less than 30 minutes, as he cannot stand for a longer time.

Sata’s visit to the vast constituency will be a chance for him to see how his lies have materialised into late agriculture inputs delivery, poor state of the Mungule road, abandoned market project in Mungule ward, lack of a clinical officer at Mungule clinic, children learning in classrooms without roof at Katete, absence of agriculture marketing camp in Mungule and many other problems which cannot be addressed via his facebook page.

And in desperation, Sata has organized meetings with the 268 Village headmen to be hosted at State house in batches of 70 and paid K20, 000 each for them to go and convince the electorate to vote for the PF candidate.

The scheme is being spearheaded by headman Mwambi whose real is Peter Boto Mwachilele. Mwachilele has also been given an additional K50, 000 initial bribe with another promissory K50,000 after elections, he has not disclosed the amount to his colleagues.

The Watchdog advises the headmen to receive the money, use it to pay school fees for their children, buy farm requisites and other things that may improve their livelihoods but vote for the candidate of their choice, as their vote is a secret.

As for the electorates, if you see a headman telling you to vote for PF, tell ‘tichekeleko’ then go and vote for the candidate of your choice.

The PF candidate known by his PF or Kaponya name of Big Moze is  said to be from Congo (or is it Zaire?), he is not a registered voter and does not speak any of the local languages in Katuba.

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