Sata determined to knock Nevers Mumba from 2016 presidential race

By a correspondent

President Michael Sata’s biggest fear is that the MMD, the former ruling party may bounce back to power and he has not hidden his trepidation by stating that his Patriotic Front government is in fact sitting on an MMD volcano that has the potential to spontaneously erupt.

Mr Sata, a former senior member of the MMD is dreading the possibility that Dr Nevers Mumba’s rebranded MMD has remained intact in its structures and that is why he is working hard to destroy the former ruling party.

With the Mufumbwe victory fraudulently on his PF plate, President Sata and the PF have now believe that they can expressly foment chaos in the MMD that would quickly see Dr Mumba out of the presidential race in 2016.

The poaching of the MPs from the MMD and schemes to ensure that the former ruling party is deregistered are means to ensure that Dr Mumba is knocked out of the presidential race because should he be allowed, he may just pull a big surprise especially in areas such as Luapula, Northern and Muchinga Provinces where the PF boasts of supremacy.

The popularity of the PF has plummeted far too quickly as the people realize that the people in government are a bunch of hooligans causing both political economic and social terror to the country.

There is every evidence that the quarrels in the MMD have been instigated by the Mr Sata who has without doubt planted his political moles in the former ruling party and so far it has been working well for the President.

The latest confusions that have rocked the MMD with its embattled national secretary Richard Kachingwe attempting to overthrow his party president Nevers Mumba openly point to the fact that the schemes to kill the former ruling party are still active.

The Patriotic Front through its politically imbued registrar of societies Clement Andeleki attempted to deregister the MMD early this year and the Mr Sata is still determined to obliterate the former ruling party and this time he has employed embattled and disgruntled Major Kachingwe.

The former MMD national secretary is now threatened to deregister the former ruling party on behalf of his new boss, President Michael Sata.

Maj Kachingwe had long left the MMD and he remained in the party as a mole and that is why Nevers Mumba has had serious problems of governing the party.

Maj Kachingwe certainly is not the only mole in the MMD and it would be wiser for Dr Mumba and his team to identify and purge the traitors before the former ruling party sinks into oblivion.

And to ensure that the MMD must crumble, the Post newspaper that propagated strong hate messages (and is still doing so) against former president Rupiah Banda and a strong ally of Mr Sata and the PF is doing the damage in the MMD pitying its senior members against each other.

Dr Mumba and his team may succeed in getting rid of Maj Kachingwe but there are other PF decoys in the MMD and the party president fully knows the ruling party will do everything to ensure that the former ruling party gets into extinction.

President Sata and the PF in government will not be easy to defeat and Dr Mumba has realized that it would be difficult for the MMD or the United Party for National Development to form government in their fragmented form.

He has not hidden the fact that it would not be easy for the opposition political parties to dislodge the PF from power in their fragmented form and that is why he is still calling on his counterpart from the UPND Hakainde Hichilema, who has suffered the worst form of harassment and persecution, that the two need to work together for the good of Zambians.

Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema should realize that together, they could be the savior Zambians need and that is the reason Mr Sata and PF are spending sleepless nights scheming how to crack their political parties and working relationship so that they could perpetuate their hegemony beyond 2016.

The MMD and the UPND know they have one common enemy in President Sata and the Patriotic Front and they must forget their differences and party interests if they have to redeem the country from claws of the PF kleptomaniacs.

To achieve this, the MMD and the UPND must adopt the unpredictability and speed of a rookie heavyweight, punching devastating political blows in short bursts and at close range in Mr Sata’s political groin if they have to knockout the PF who have already dealt them with an upper cut in Mufumbwe.

In governance and policy formulation, the PF and Mr Sata are so bankrupt that they would rather believe killing the voice of the opposition would certainly mathematically secure them the so much needed second term in office.

The turning of the country into a police state through their despotic rule is meant to stifle and intimidate the UPND and MMD whose right to hold political rallies has been violated with impunity.

Using the archaic public order act and intoxicated with imagined absolute power, President Sata and his Patriotic Front are under the false illusion that they will remain in power until the second coming of Jesus.

Zambians as a matter of fact have other alternative power centers such as the MMD, UPND, and Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) and the National Revolution Party (NAREP) which citizens will be at liberty to choose from in the next general elections.

Mr Sata has therefore become a monstrous dictator at the wrong time and in a wrong country because Zambians will not be forced to return to the dreaded days of one party state of Kenneth Kaunda and are ready to protect the hard earned democracy with its respect for human rights and good governance.

While it takes a leap of political imagination to suggest that the MMD and the UPND can have Zambians saved from the barbarous Sata regime if they forgot their political differences and worked together, there is no doubt that the unity of the two political parties can be the answer in 2016.

To achieve this though, Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema have to assemble their political personnel to suit their imagined winning template.

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that there is a serious revolt against Mr Sata and the PF on the ground for having obtained state power by lies.

The fantasized political slogan of more money and more jobs for Zambians has turned into a sordid night mare with many asking why they believed that an inept political moron could convince and deceive the educated into voting for him.

When Zambians voted for Mr Sata and the PF, they were of the hope that their future was going to be better than their past but the people are now dreading the future under Mr Sata because of his hegemonic way he has adopted to rule the country.

The desperate poor are feeling the effect of massive food price increases, inflation, cost of transport, unemployment, corruption and nepotism and are disillusioned as they are not seeing a better tomorrow than what they had just yesterday.

Instead of working at delivering their promises, they have adopted the “It is our turn to eat” syndrome and Ministers, senior government and party cadres are busy looting and sharing public resources openly and fighting over public resources as the President acknowledges the plunder.

Meanwhile, Mr Sata has withdrawn from the people and does not even want to talk about the food or fuel shortages nor does he even have the guts to comment on corruption among his own senior cabinet ministers some of whom have been fighting publicly over public money and are being investigated by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

Mr Sata and the PF promised Zambians largesse, milk and honey in 90 days but they made the pledges without proffering a shred of evidence about how exactly they would achieve their promises making Mr Sata’s presidency horrendous in just over a year.

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