Sata directs police to hunt online publishers

President Michael Sata has ordered the Zambia police to pursue people they suspect to be running on-line media and charge them with treason, among other offences.

Treason cases in Zambian statues carries a death sentence and Mr. Sata now wants to execute citizens that are critical of his dictatorial tendencies.

In Zambia, all major media outlets such as Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Zambian Daily Mail, Times of Zambia, and the privately owned Post newspaper are all controlled by the PF regime.

As a result, most Zambian have resorted to online media as reliable sources of information, a situation that led to the Zambian government blocking some critical websites such as the Zambianwatchdog using some cheap Chinese technology.

But despite blocking the Zambianwatchdog which the PF hates so much, people have continued accessing information through their other outlets such as Facebook pages.

Last year, the brutal PF regime swiftly moved and searched homes of some journalists and private individuals they suspected of contributing to online content and framed them with any fun but harsh charges including possession of pornographic materials on their computers and drugs trafficking.

Early this week, Communications and Transport Minister Yamfwa Mukanga revealed that government was working with the Zambia Information and Communications Authority (ZICTA) to possibly block Facebook in the country as well in a bid to control online content.

The Post newspaper that championed media freedoms in the past has been in the forefront encouraging government to control social media in Zambia as the paper has lost control over monopoly they used to cheat citizens.

Just yesterday, the Zambianwatchdog published the entire authentic final draft constitution, in the wake of a stand-off between the Zambian government and other stakeholders that have been demanding that the document be released simultaneously.

But while Mr. Sata got his 10 copies that he demanded from the Constitutional Technical Committee, a document that the PF government are now trying to disown was also published by this website and can be accessed on this link in PDF format:

Here is a police statement released today.


DATE : 16TH JANUARY, 2014.

The Zambia Police Service as a law enforcement agency, is mandated to enforce all the laws in the land that create offences or crimes.

Lately, the Service has seen a rise in the number of reported cases related to cybercrimes ranging from identity theft, hacking, cyber-trespass, pornography and misuse of internet services such as emails.

As you may be aware, cybercrimes take place in the cyberspace which is a global village of computer gadgets communicating with one and the other. Of late mobile phones have become immediate platforms of cyberspace activities.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people have taken advantage of the cyberspace to commit crimes on the internet through defamatory comments and remarks posted on websites especially through the electronic media in the name of press freedom which end up infringing a number of state security provisions.

As such, the Police shall employ local, regional and international legal provisions to pursue the authors and publishers of such criminal, libelous, defamatory, treasonous and seditious statements and bring them to book.

Some bad elements in our society have gone ahead even to use other people’s email details to commit crimes. Therefore, the Police would like to advise members of the public to secure their personal email addresses and passwords.

We would like to advise parents and guardians to step up efforts at household level to educate children on the dangers of such vices and internet misuse.

The Police service would also like to encourage all well meaning Zambians to report cyber incidences of criminal nature to the Police.

So far, other investigations into the identities of the perpetrators of such crimes are underway and we shall expose all the people involved in these malicious and borderline treacherous activities hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.


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