Sata fires all health workers who went on strike

Sata fires all health workers who went on strike

As the health sector mourns late Deputy Minister of Health Patrick Chikusu, well-paid President Michael Sata has dismissed all nurses that went on strike according to documents obtained by the Zambian Watchdog.Nurses letter 1 Nurses letter 2

President Sata through the Public Service Management Division has instructed Management of all major hospitals that experienced strikes to dismiss all the nurses that went on what government calls illegal strikes.

At the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) all nurses that went on strike demanding for 200 percent pay rise that was promised and announced to them by the PF regime, have received dismissal letters signed by UTH Boss Luckson Kasonka

Mr. Sata, who normally goes to India and UK for where medical personal work under better conditions and facilities dismissed the Zambian with effect from December 2, 2013, despite them having called off the strike

Meanwhile the UTH main operating theater has been closed because all nurses, who Sata recently described as garden boys and maids, have been fired.

One senior Doctor who is not happy with the move by Sata to dismiss the nurses told the Watchdog that the facility has since shut down

“Surely how can Public Service Management Division accept to take such a move.

To make matters worse PSMD is supervised by a medical Doctor herself Velepi Mtonga, and Sata’s wife, Kaseba is a medical doctor.

You cannot fire medical personal before you recruit others. I now believe why the Zambian Watchdog calls Sata a confusion strategist. I think he is worse than that. He is mentally sick” the source said.

Mr. Sata himself and his government have acted ruthlessly to companies and organisations that have attempted to dismiss their protesting employees in the past.

Not long ago, PF government threatened Shoprite Checkers and Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) with revocation of their operating licences if they ever dared dismissing their employees who were demanding better wages.

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