Sata does a ‘donchi kubeba’ on Barotse activist Muntangelwa

Sata does a ‘donchi kubeba’ on Barotse activist Muntangelwa

President Michael Sata has done a ‘donchi kubeba’ on former Barotse activist Mutangelwa Imasiku whose ambassador job to Angola has now been given to Barbara Chilangwa.

President Sata upon assuming office personally handed Mr. Muntangelwa the appointment letter as ambassador to Angola with a view to silence him but the job has now been given given to Sata’s relative MutangelwaMs. Chilangwa, leaving Muntangelwa languishing and jobless in the streets of Lusaka.

Sources close to the former vocal Barotseland activist said he was very instrumental in personally campaigning for PF in Western province when he was cheated by Mr. Sata that he would implement the Barotseland Agreement within 90 days when in power.

When Sata assumed office, he personally called him to State House to pick-up the letter of appointment and do other diplomatic formalities such as going for the short diplomatic course which he completed.

The Zambian government also grabbed his ordinary passport that allowed him freedom to express himself as an ordinary citizen and gave him a diplomatic passport where he can only speak with clearance from his ‘employers’ at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sources said Mutangelwa is now living like a destitute because he is not on government payroll and can no longer do his usual international business errands because he doesn’t have an ordinary passport as it was grabbed by the state.

As things stand now, Mr. Sata has effectively silenced the former activist who was even arrested for his Barotse demands because as a diplomat, he needs clearance from government to speak.

Sources said the ‘donchi kubeba’ government cheated Mr. Muntangelwa the Angola government did not accept him and so would be re-deployed elsewhere.

But almost two years since PF came into office when Muntangelwa was appointed, government has not gotten back to him and his friend Mr. Sata has completely shut his doors to him.

Mr. Sata has so far openly refused to honour his election campaign promise made to Lozis of implementing the Barotse Agreement despite the Rodger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry that recommended for the same.

The commission report that was financed at a huge expense to tax-payers is just gathering dust somewhere at State House as Sata does not want to entertain it anymore.

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