Sata doesn’t need a degree at all-Professor Mbenga

Given Hapunda has a degree from UNZA. This is what the NCC is looking for. Nothing like equivalent

The nonsense about Mr Sata not having a university degree must be viewed as it is, i.e. nonsense, says professor Bernard Mbenga.

Professor Bernard Mbenga teaches history at the North-West University in South Africa.

Professor Mbenga told the Watchdog that ‘Mr Sata’s intellect, intelligence and political insight are so impressive that he does not need a degree at all’

He said that Sata’s  outstanding leadership skills stand him in good stead for the role of national president.

“Look at Frederick Chiluba’s first cabinet: it had so many graduates, including PhD holders, but look at their dismal performance, especially the theft of public funds.

“I would choose Mr Sata for President in place of anyone else with a degree of any kind’ said professor Mbenga.

But MMD acting spokeperson Dora Silya has said that the clause in the national law on degree is not aimed at Sata.

Siliya, who is also education minister, said that all the NCC has done is to make it a requirement for people seeking to lead the country to be degree holders. She disclosed that the clause does not only affect presidential candidates but that even people seeking to be MPs will be required to hold a minimum of O levels.

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