Sata doesn’t take Bembas seriously

The Bemba-speaking people are not happy that President Michael Sata is using party cadres like the PF Provincial leader Chellah and Northern Province Deputy Minister Obius Chisala to try and mediate the bad blood existing between his Government and the Bemba Traditional Council (BTC). The BTC is also reportedly not happy that President Sata has not given his self-created problems with Bemba’s the seriousness deserved in order to resolve the problems.
President Sata understands the cost of losing the Bemba block, both for himself as President and PF as a party in Government. It is surprising that a Provincial Minister, who is a Deputy Minister should speak on conflicts with Chitimukulu when the Bemba people are spread out all across the country. The gimmick behind such moves is to create room for Government to U-turn at the 11th hour because a Deputy Minister is not the official spokesperson of Government. PF Government is avoiding to issue a comprehensive statement regarding their position on the installation of Henry Sosala as Chtimukulu. It is not by coincidence that President Sata has opted to use very junior Government and party officials to comment on these matters. The people here in Kasama are now believing that President Sata does not take Bembas seriously. They think he has used them and dumped them but he will have a rude awakening because on the Chitimukulu issue, Ba Sata nabekatila ichiinga ukwakaba (holding the hotter side of a piece of clay pot) and he will definitely burn his fingers.
The issue of Professor Nkandu Luo and the manner she has advanced this agenda so that her brother becomes Chitimukulu is shameful. Does Luo think Zambians are so naive and Bembas will accept her brother to ascend to the throne as Chitimukulu? The rotten agenda she is pushing will soon blow up in her face. I invite Luo to come to Kasama, go to Chinsali and Mpika to say what she has been saying about the Chitimukulu-designate and let her face the embarrassment she’ll live to regret all her life. My word of caution to Luo and PF Government is that Bembas are not stupid and they will teach you a lesson. Ba Luo nabakasa ing’oma amafi (she has smeared the drum with feaces) and we’ll see how she is going to beat the drums next time around.
Bembas are watching this space closely and believe PF has adopted an anti-Bemba stance. Bembas are not happy that even when late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe’s name is being insulted by the Post Newspaper, President Sata cannot come to Kapwepwe’s legacy’s defence. This is very strong especially in Chinsali. The stance by Post Newspaper to demean Kapwepwe is part of their anti-Bemba agenda.
My advise to President Sata if wants to retain peace with Bemba’s, (and this is true on the ground here) let him find stop using Chisala, Chella or Luo as mediators. Let him engage Finance Minister Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda and Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba both of whom come from the Royal family to mediate the problem. The question that begs an answer: Why is President Sata not using the duo to resolve the differences with Chitimukulu and the rest of the Bemba people? Which section of the Bembas takes Obius Chisala and Chella seriously?
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