Sata entices Namulambe with a job

MMD Mpongwe Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe was this morning invited to State House where he was  enticed with appointment as a minister by President Michael Sata, according to State House sources.

But sources within the MMD have disclosed that  Namulambe, who is also MMD chairman for elections, was honest enough to his party about the invitation to State House where he is believed to have been reluctant with the appointment.

“The man was brave enough as he told the MMD party president, National Secretary and his Deputy about his going to State House.

“Even when he returned he briefed senior party leaders about the ministerial position offered to him where he was told to think about it,” sources said.

State House sources said Namulambe could have been targeted because he is the only MMD MP who did not walk out of parliament last week, when all his colleagues protested.

But when Namulambe was phoned by the Watchdog, he denied ever receiving any job offer from Sata.

‘Which cabinet post? I have never been to State House from the time MMD lost power. Those speculations are not true. Learn to report the truth otherwise people will lose interest in your website’, said Namulambe.

Namulambe is this evening expected to lead an MMD delegation where his party will be meeting UPND over the adoption of a parliamentary candidate for Mufumbwe bye-election.

There have been concerns over the stability of MMD MPs who are easily accepting jobs in PF government hence weakening the opposition.

It is not clear what Mr. Namulambe will finally decide over this offer.

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