Sata evacuates his son leaving late Mwanawasa’s niece in critical condition after same accident

Sata evacuates his son leaving late Mwanawasa’s niece in critical condition after same accident

Mwanawasa's niece after same accident with Sata' son

Mwanawasa’s niece after same accident with Sata’ son


The family of late Levy Mwanawasa have been angered by the ungrateful behaviour of President Michael Sata’s family for abandoning their injured relative who was in the same car with Sata’s son Kazimu after they were involved in a tragic road accident.

When Sata was in a life threatening heart condition in 2008, it was late Levy Mwanawasa who personally intervened and had him evacuated to South Africa for specialist treatment that saw him survive and later became president after telling lies to the Zambian people.

In their typical evil mentality, the PF government and president Michael Sata’s family have abandoned the other injured patients following the fatal accident in Ndola near Moba Hotel and only evacuated Sata’s son Kazimu to South Africa around 02:00 hours this morning.

Late Levy Mwanawasa’s first cousin Catherine Mwanawasa’s daughter Tiberth Musambachime is among those in terrible condition after the tragic accident together with Kazimu.

Tiberth Musambachime (late Levy Mwanawasa’s niece) is based in South Africa together with her mother Catherine Mwanawasa, but only came to see close relatives in Ndola.

Other critically injured friends of Kazimu that have also been abandoned by the first family are Steven Kawandami and Chisanga Kawandami, who are sons to Susan Kawandami deputy minister Chiefs and Traditional Affairs.

They were all being driven in the State House Landcruiser vehicle being driven by State House driver who came out unscratched.

New information now indicate that they were coming from Solwezi where they went for some pleasure and unknown deals.

“There were two State House vehicles being abused by the team. The one behind was for State House security officers for Kazimu, but in front was another State House vehicle that carried the whole team, including Kazimu, but were being driven by a State House driver that was involved in the accident,” highly placed sources have disclosed.

They were rescued by the State House security vehicle that was following them and took all the injured to Wusakile mine hospital.

All the other injured are still admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Wusakile Mine Hospital while Sata’s son has been evacuated for better medical facilities in South Africa.

There are also indications that deputy Minister Susan Kawandami, who has just visited the hospital, has also received government help to evacuate her sons outside the country leaving late Mwanawasa’s niece languishing in hospital without proper medication.

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