Sata expected in Brazil next week

President Michael Sata who just returned from Europe will fly to Brazil Next week.

Sata, who condemned his predecessor Rupiah Banda ‘s international travels, will be accompanied by a huge delegation of ministers, presidentail assistants and other government officials.

He is going to attend the June 20-22 “Rio+20” summit which aims at setting a path for nurturing the planet’s natural bounty and promoting green growth.

The Conference on Sustainable Development is the 20-year followup to the Earth Summit where UN members made historic agreements to combat climate change, wildlife loss and desertification.
Sata has in the past one month visited three countries, Angola, UK and Switzerland.

When he just became president, Sata promised that he will not be travelling frequently out of the country so as to save tax-payers money.

His handlers and praise -singers in the media one time treated the country to a comedy where Sata was travelling on a public minibus from Livingstone Airport to expensive hotels in Livingstone town.

His media praise-singers said Sata’ s decison to get on a minibus saved the country a lot of money and labeled him a humble man.


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