Ailing Sata expected in the country Monday morning

President Michael Sata is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Monday) morning aboard a British Airways flight BA 0255 from abroad where he had gone for medication.

Senior sources within PF government said unless the president’s itinerary changes at short notice on medical grounds, the president will land at Kenneth Kaunda international Airport tomorrow around 06: 35 hours.

Sata’s condition remains speculative but selected journalists maybe allowed at the airport with specific instructions to get photos of the president that give an impression that he is fit.

And sources have said they are embarrassed with the handling of the whole situation by trying to keep it a secret.

PF insiders complained that the situation of allowing outsiders to control government machinery was seriously undermining governance issues and security of the nation.

Sources said the entire government system and cabinet ministers were completely in the dark about the president’s secret trip for medication, but some powerful elements outside government seem to be well informed.

They said as government they tried to request Vice-president Guy Scott to say something about the president’s where about but he also expressed ignorance and referred them to the Acting president Alexander Chikwanda.

But Mr. Chikwanda also refused to be drawn into the debate because he was not sure of the president’s medical condition.

The embarrassing situation and public relations failure by government forced Information Minister Kennedy Sakani to issue a mild and vague statement that the president was safe wherever he is.

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