Sata explains his lower taxes idea

Sata explains his lower taxes idea

PATRIOTIC Front president Michael Sata has told a South Africa television crew doing a special production on his presidential bid that the broad tax reform his party will implement immediately it takes power after the September 20 poll will directly benefit both the poor and corporations.

“The common man will feel the positive impact of tax reform directly…the common person on the street will feel the tax relief in a loaf of bread. It will be felt in the cost of milk, vegetables and other essentials” Mr Sata said.

High taxation, he explained, acts as a disincentive to compliance and is counterproductive both at a personal and corporate level. The PF has good knowledge of this subject and will therefore have no problems implementing a fair and reasonable tax system in the country.

“Once you have cut taxes, you create incentives for compliance and you free more money to businesses to invest in the economy. You free more money into the pockets of workers and consumers for them to invest in their children’s school and health,” Mr Sata said.

He also said one of the weakest links in Zambia’s socio economic development is the collapse of the healthcare system because of corruption in drug procurement and the incompetency of the political leadership that fails to devise sustainable policies.

“I understand the healthcare system in this country and I did a lot of work to change the work culture and administration of hospitals in the country. My wife is a consultant doctor and so I benefit from her as well as far as the understanding these issues is concerned,” he said.

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