Sata fails to chair central committee meeting, Team B scheme flops

Sata fails to chair central committee meeting, Team B scheme flops

President Michael Sata Friday afternoon failed to chair a PF central committee meeting due to his dementia and other ailments. The meeting was instead chaired by PF chairperson Inonge Wina to the chagrin of some members known as team ‘B’ who walked out of the meeting in protest.

The PF was meeting to adopt candidates for the forthcoming five parliamentary bye-elections in Eastern and Northwestern provinces.

At the same meeting, Sata was expected to announce changes to the central committee and ‘Team B’ members were assured that people like Kabimba, Sylvia Masebo and Inonge Wina known as the ‘evil but powerful cartel’ would be removed.

It came to light that ‘Team B’ members have been meeting Sata whenever he was feeling better to push him to appoint Edgar Lungu or Given Lubinda as vice-president and discard Guy Scott, Kabimba, Wina and others.

From his sick bed, Sata assured ‘Team B’ that he will grant their wish but apparently the sick man forgot or came under immerse pressure from the cartel..

Team B members were so sure that they have finally defeated the cartel and were even congratulating each other and went to the meeting with raised hopes just to discover that the meeting was being chaired by Wina. According to one of the people who attended the meeting, Sata was taken to the meting venue for just a few minutes and some members did not even see him.

Some people in the Team B like Willie Nsanda walked out of the meeting.

According to the plan by Team B, Sata was supposed to appoint either Edgar Lungu or Given Lubinda as vice-president then resign.

Sata was also supposed to appoint Felix Mutati as Finance Minister and shunt Wynter Kabimba to ministry of foreign Affairs. Guy Scott was supposed to be dropped or given some smaller position.

Alexander Chikwanda was set to made defence minister while Lameck Mangani was to be appointed Secretary General for PF.

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