Sata fails to officiate at CNN MultiChoice event in Lusaka

Sata fails to officiate at CNN MultiChoice event in Lusaka

Lubinda and the Kenyan winners

President Michael Sata has for the third time in a month failed to appear at a function he had been scheduled to attend.

The president has not been seen in public for a month now.

Earlier this month , Sata was booked to attend the African Union summit in Ethiopia but ‘changed’ planes on the last minite and went somewhere else only to return after two weeks. Nothing has so far been said officially on where the president went. When he returned at 06 hours, reporters were prevented from talking to him or taking pictures.

But emotional and ‘angry’ statements against opposition leaders are being issued in his name everyday.

Last week, he was supposed and had confirmed attending a heads of state meeting in China with Chinese president Hu Jintao. Sata failed to go. No reason was made public.

Last evening, Saturday July 21, 2012, Sata was scheduled to officiate at the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2012 Awards Ceremony.

The prestigious ceremonies were held in Zambia for the first time since they were introduced in 1995.

The ceremonies are held in a different African country every year and traditionally, the president of the country officiates, like was the case in Mozambique, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and other countries.

But Zambia’s president Michael Sata failed to attend, again at the last minute despite State House assuring the organisers that he will be there in person.

Instead, Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda showed up carrying a speech which he read on behalf of president Sata.

Lubinda had just returned from China on Saturday morning where he had gone to represent Sata on the meeting he failed to attend last week.

And the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2012 Award has been bagged by two Kenyans Tom Mboya and Evanson Nyaga.

Tom Mboya and Evanson Nyaga’s “The African Tribe in India,” which aired on Kenya’s Citizen Television, was selected from among 1,799 entries from 42 nations across the African continent on Saturday.

Mboya and Evanson, who were among 34 finalists for the top prize, also won the Television Features Award.

“Journalism is a profession that allows you to go in and then bring out what the world needs to know. It is humbling that the Father Lord has brought us this,” said Mboya, a senior news anchor for Citizen TV.

Nyaga now works for CCTV Africa, according to his bio.

The awards, which are held in a different African location each year, were hosted by CNN and MultiChoice in Lusaka, Zambia, and broadcast live on ZNBC.

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