Sata fails to open ‘Disaster’ stadium


Ailing dictator Michael Sata yesterday failed to officially open the Heroes National Stadium formerly the ‘Disaster’ stadium.

On Tuesday May 20, 2014 Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili told Journalists that President Michael Sata would officially open the stadium at which other Africa Freedom Day celebrations would take place.

Kambwili told a media briefing that the handover of the facility will coincide with the African Freedom Day celebrations.

Kambwili said all those that were due for awards on Africa Freedom Day would be awarded shortly after the opening ceremony.

But Sata failed to make it and was only seen in the morning laying wreaths at the Freedom Statute and freeing criminals from prisons.

Ministers who trekked to the stadium in anticipation for the official opening by Sata only ended up being entertained by cultural dancers.

No reason was given for Sata’s failure to open the stadium but it is suspected that he just could not manage to attend two events in one day.


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