Sata finally admits he can’t develop Zambia in 90 days

President Michael Sata says it is not easy to develop a country.

Sata, who promised to develop Zambia in 90 days, has finally said it is not possible.

Sata has told the Africa report that:

“In less than 90 days you saw the price of fuel coming down; in less than 90 days you will see the price of mealie-meal coming down. So it’s not easy, you cannot overcome those things overnight. You cannot overcome unemployment, you cannot overcome poverty, but our measures, our ministers’ measures, our policies are going towards that direction.’

And Sata says he is finding it difficult to settle in State House.

He told the Africab report that: ‘It’s not easy to adjust here. They restrict what you eat, they restrict whom you talk to, they restrict whom you meet. But all the same, at least we are in the driver’s seat to try and see to it that we can change the rules, that we can apply taxpayers’ money to benefit the poor.”

Sata also said he will maintain some projects left behind by the MMD.

“We do not need local businesses alone. We need development policies. We have a very ambitious roadworks programme. We are talking to countries like South Korea, Japan, Turkey. If we go for the areas which target the poor, because if we have one stretch of road, it’s going to hire more than 1,000- 2,000 low-paid workers, they will have their money in the pocket. We are looking at the textile industry. We are looking at the factories like Mulungushi textiles, Kafuwe textiles, the sawmills in Ndola, several other things. And at the same time, good projects like the ones the former president [Rupiah Banda] embarked on in rural-urban areas, we will continue with them.“

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