Sata finally manages to speak in public but for three minutes

After close to three months of absence from the public, muted voices and still photos, president Michael Sata finally appeared in Mkushi and managed to say something but just a few words. 
Sata told an expectant audience that he did not go there to address them but just to prove that he was still alive.
The pale and weak looking Sata, in his less than four minutes address, also told the PF candidate Davies Chisupa not to neglect the people once elected.
Leaning against the podium and struggling to breathe, Sata said he would only return to Mkushi properly once the people there elected the PF candidate.
Most journalists were unable to record Sata’ speech because they were not allowed near him.
Sata also said he just went to Mkush to greet people because he has heard that there were a lot of mineral in the area.
Many people who watched news Saturday evening where images of Sata were shown expressed shock and sympathy at his deteriorated appearance.
Sata is expected to open parliament in the next few days so today’s show of public appearance could a rehearsal for the more than five hours of speaking in parliament.
It is also possible that Sata will not open parliament but the propaganda machinery will rely on today’s public appearance to say he is fit and able to walk.

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