Sata finally plans press conference?

Sata finally plans press conference?

President Michael Sata is finally scheduled hold the much-awaited press conference at State Houses, sources at State House and Cabinet Office have told the Watchdog.

If indeed it takes off, the nation will finally breath a sigh of relief as it will be the first time Sata will be addressing the nation live on radio and television since taking over power almost one year in office now.

It is not clear what Sata is likely to say and how he is likely to behave in front of cameras since normally his events are heavily edited by the PF controlled, ZNBC.

Sources close to the president say the Head of State is likely to list what he thinks he should have done since coming into office and come up with more promises for the next 90 days again.

There have been several out-standing issues and policy directions which have not been clearly explained by the PF leadership who have been complaining of lack of Cabinet and Central Committee meetings to come up with a unified voice and vision for the country.

If the press conference materializes, people will expect the president to address issues of youth unemployment, guidelines on minimum wage which has caused so much industrial unrest leading to death, increasing costs of essential commodities, Zambia’s failure to sell Euro-bonds, poor agriculture marketing arrangement, plus his assassination plot, among others.


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