Sata fires ZSIC director Irene Muyenga

Sata fires ZSIC director Irene Muyenga

Irene Muyenga: Fired

President Michael Sata has with immediate effect fired Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZSIC) managing Director Irene Muyenga.

The letter for her to vacate office was delivered yesterday (Wednesday April 11, 2012). She was told to pack her personal belongings and vacate office the same day.

Sources within ZSIC have explained that ‘she has since packed her bags and left office leaving behind everything including the luxurious car.’
Joshua Malupenga, the Group Finance director has since been appointed as acting Managing Director.

Sources at ZSIC are fearful and hopeful that an unqualified PF cadre will not be imposed on the government insurance company.

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