Sata forced ex-army commander to apologise publicly

The apology which former Zambia Army commander Wisdom Lopa issued to President Michael Sata was coerced out of him, the Watchdog has been told.

Last Monday, General Lopa begged for mercy from Sata for ‘unintentionally’ mentioning him in the run-up to the September 20 elections to desist from drawing the defence forces in politics.

State House sources have disclosed that president Sata ordered general Lopa to make a public apology.

According to sources, general Lopa wrote a letter of apology to Sata even before he was fired.

But Sata wrote back rejecting the private apology saying he wanted a public one.

General Lopa, who admitted that he could not believe that he has been fired, thus poured out his heart when bidding farewell to the amusement of soldiers.

He assured Sata of unquestionable loyalty and willingness to render his services to the nation at all times.

“I said this before elections, I would like to repeat it, I realise we inadvertently mentioned the name of the Commander-in-Chief Mr Michael Chilufya Sata. I want to, on behalf of the former service chiefs to apologise to him for any embarrassment it may have caused him. Life is dynamic. I hope he will accept our apologies,” he said.

“I wish to assure his Excellency of the unquestionable loyalty of myself and other retired service chiefs. In this regard, my colleagues and I are ready to serve the new Government if and when required. We are professionals, ready to serve the Commander-in-chief and the nation at all times,” Gen Lopa said.

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