Sata forgets Taima was working for PF, tells Solwezi voters to vote someone who can work with PF

Forgetting that Richard Taima was actually working in his government till he resigned and formerly joined PF recently, President Michael Sata has called on the people of Solwezi East constituency to vote for someone he will work with closely and report their problems directly to him.

Speaking in his usual low and ailing voice Sata, who has of late been showing serious signs of memory lapses, told the voters that North Western has only got 12 MPs and only one of them is PF.

He said these MPs were not representing the people well because they are not telling him what the problems in the province are.

President Sata cautioned the people of North-Western province that if they chose to continue being in opposition they will continue suffering.

He said the people in the province have decided to continue having
members of parliament from the opposition who have continued doing
nothing for them in terms of development.

Sata said this when he addressed a public rally at Kasapa School ground in Solwezi east constituency today to drum up support for the Patriotic Front candidate, Peter Ilunga during the forthcoming July 25 by-elections.

Sata instructed PF candidate Ilunga to speak for the people in the constituency or he risks being withdrawn from if he does not

On the subsidies, President Sata said they did not benefit the majority people in rural areas because they neither own vehicles nor buy mealie meal.

Speaking earlier, Patriotic front campaign manager, Gabriel Namulambe told the gathering that this is their chance to choose a person to work with the President to address the many challenges they are facing.

Namulambe who thought he was speaking to fools said the money realized from the removal of subsidies which were only benefiting the already rich is the money that will be utilized to address most of the challenges people in the constituency are facing.

Meanwhile, former area Member of Parliament, Richard Taima dispelled assertions by some people that he was sidelined by the Patriotic Front during adoptions.

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