Sata forms Kola Foundation Advisory Council to free himself from cartel

President Michael Sata has formed a parallel advisory council on based on the recommendation of the Kola Foundation in order to free himself from the Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Wynter Kabimba cartel that has been holding him hostage.

Sources within the PF say the president is slowly waking up and has realised the amount of damage and hatred to the PF’s popularity the cartel has caused in the nation.

Some of the members of the Mr. Sata’s Advisory Council include former Attorney General Bonaventure Mutale who is also Sata’s advocate for his Trust Fund, prominent lawyer Mumba Kapumpa, Anthony Kasolo, and Kola Foundation lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya.

Sources say the formation of the special Advisory Council was an outcome of the Kola Foundation meeting that heavily complained to Mr. Sata on the amount of power the cartel has unsurped from him.

Impeccable sources within the PF say Fred Mmembe and his fellow cartel members are aware of this Advisory Council that has been formed to free the president from them.

“This is a clear indication that the glorious days of the cartel members that had so much influence on the president are slowly coming to an end because the owners of the party and power are slowly reclaiming it. This is how even Kelvin Bwalya’s law firm, KBF, even survived the recent police search instigated by the same cartel,” sources said.

According to insiders, the Kola Foundation’s Advisory Council that now meets Mr. Sata regularly has been opposed to Mr. Sata’s governance style that has been engineered by the cartel such as brutality and suffocation of the opposition political parties, and other poor governance practices that has seen the country lose international reputation and recognition.

Sources say the Kola Foundation has also been against the ill-treatment of former president Rupiah Banda by the cartel that has so far been an embarrassment on Sata’s government.

“That court process on RB has nothing to do with Mr. Sata, but the cartel that merely wants to revenge because of the way he (RB) fixed them over their debts. That’s why you never hear Mr. Sata making a comment on RB’s cases. In fact, Mr. Sata just now wants these boys to fail on their own because he knows RB’s cases are not going anywhere,” sources said.

Sources said some of the things that RB is being persecuted such as campaign materials are actually worse under PF and so Mr. Sata and the Kola Foundation are actually against the whole process on him.

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