Sata free to enter Malawi but there will be no apology

Sata free to enter Malawi but there will be no apology

Malawi has lifted the ban on President Michael Sata to travel to that country.

Sata was declared a prohibited immigrant to Malawi in 2007.

But Malawian government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati said Lilongwe will not issue an apology because the status and circumstances in which Sata was expelled from Malawi and his current position of head of state are different.

“Sata is His Excellency the President now he was a private citizen in 2007. What happen then had nothing to do with Zambia,”  Kaliati told the media in Malawi.

She said Lilongwe will have talks with Lusaka on any diplomatic misunderstandings.

Kaliati also clarified that Sata is allowed to visit Malawi and will be treated as a VVIP and not as a prohibited immigrant in Malawi because of his current status as head of state and government.

And Malawian presidential spokesperson Hetherwick Ntaba explained that according to international protocol, a head of State cannot be a prohibited immigrant in a country.

“Therefore, any pre-existing status in Malawi-Zambia or anywhere that contradicts President Sata’s present status as Head of State automatically falls off de fact or otherwise,” said Ntaba in a statement.

“Under such circumstances, the fear of immigration embarrassment in Malawi for President Sata cannot arise in international diplomacy.”

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