Sata gears to file in

Sata gears to file in

The Patriotic Front is organising cadres for a massive show of strength in the capital Lusaka today as they escort their candidate Michael Sata to file in his nominations.

Sata is scheduled to file in his nominations mid day after a small party led by Cosmo Mumbat called the National Revolution Party.

Cosmo Mumba has been considering withdrawing and endorsing Sata.

After Sata, Charles Milupi of the Alliance for Democracy and Development -ADD- will file in his nominations.

The PF is mobilising its supporters and wants to outdo the huge crowds that escorted UPND’s Hichilema the previous day.

The PF believes that Lusaka is its stronghold and the show of strength by UPND in Lusaka yesterday must be outdone, said some members of the PF.

The PF plans to demonstrate to all that they control Lusaka by the number of people who will turn up to escort Sata to the Supreme court.

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