Sata gets UPND ‘welcome’ in Western, escapes lynching

Sata gets UPND ‘welcome’ in Western, escapes lynching

UPND president playing music in Lusaka

Quick action by police in Mangango in Western Province prevented Patriotic Front-PF Leader Michael Sata from being lynched by irate UPND cadres on Thursday.

This was after Mr. Sata went to Mangango hoping to meet his members, only to find UPND cadres gathered at the place.

The UPND cadres got incensed by Mr. Sata’s presence and charged towards the PF leader.

But police responded swiftly, rescuing and whisking him away in a Mangango police vehicle to another place.

Mr. Sata was later led to a place where his cadres had gathered.

Police Spokesperson Ndandula Siamana has confirmed the development to ZNBC News in Lusaka.

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