Sata give us a signal, we are in trouble, says Edgar Ngoma

Sata give us a signal, we are in trouble, says  Edgar Ngoma


By Edgar Ng’oma-Philosopher

*A Christmas message to all PF cadres sidelined by our party and its government*

President MC Sata, Papa , please listen to these lamentations if you are going to hear our cries, we are suffering, especially some of those of us who worked closely with you till the day you passed on.

I am going to mention below a few of them and we need a signal from you.

Papa those who were insulting you the most from the MMD today they are back and you can’t believe it they are the spokesperson of the government you and us sweated for a good 10 years , please Papa , give us a signal of what we should do with them.

Papa, those that beat our youths when we were in the opposition are back again in charge of our government in our strongholds, Lusaka and ,Eastern, copper belt provinces strong hold as ministers, please Papa give us a signal of what we should do with them.

Hon. Chishimba Kambwili and Hon. Harry Kalaba are no longer PF now, they run their own political parties,
Hon. Kambwili was haunted out of the PF party against his will and is now President of NDC while Hon. Kalaba is President of DP and he left PF on his own and formed DP because he was overwhelmed with what was happening in the government you left and resigned without telling the people specifics of the corruption which at his resignation he described as stinking.

Papa, please give us a signal of where to go, we want to stay in PF the party you left us with but we seem not to be wanted here because the MMD have invaded PF and they mock us calling themselves being more PF than some of us sidelined.
Please Papa give us a signal of what we should do with them.

Papa,Papa, Judge Ngoma, Gershom Siame ,George Chela and Panji Kaunda a few I can mention here among those that sacrificed for PF you left behind, are no longer part of your government and are suffering- papa, papa please give us a signal.

Papa , those 3 biological children of mine you sponsored to study abroad, as you told me as a way of thanking me for the sacrifice I made to enable you restle power from MMD were back from studies abroad 2 years ago and the government you left can not employ them even after telling the one in charge of recruitment at PSMD and it’s Chairman Mr. Chasaya, that please these are my own biological children, they are qualified with degrees, kindly give them jobs, the cry is falling on deaf ears.
Papa why did you go so quickly to be with the lord we are in trouble here and we are suffering, as I am writing this message to you here tears are rolling down my chicks – Papa why us? please, please give us a signal.

Papa the government you left 50% of it, is controlled by those that beat and persecuted some of us PF cadres in different forms. Because of that , our cadres who sacrificed with you in the tunnels and trenches are not able to visit those offices for help because those in those offices now , are looking after the welfare of their own people from MMD at the expense of our cadres.
Papa why don’t you come for 1 week and correct this trend after which you back to where you are resting, because the leader you left me with and instructed me to help become your successor has a very good heart and he means well for Zambians as a person but I don’t know why, he listens to lies from those that have self interests by telling lies about some of us who have fallen victims without calling us so that he hears our side of the reported stories to deffend ourselves but chooses to believe them and sideline us, why, why. Papa please give us a signal of what we should do these liars.

PAPA your cadres along Cairo road road vending there opposite your office at farmers house are every time they see me crying to me, saying ,Angoni these council police of our own government are grabbing our merchandise and chasing us from the street . The vendors are intoragating me like a criminal by saying ,you and Mr. Sata looked after us well and allowed us to sell on the streets, because you said you were going to take us all to the new sugar plantations you are creating across the country, there after there will be no need for us to remain on the street but before you give us the jobs our own council are grabbing our goods, Why Angoni , they are asking me.
I have nothing to tell them because our president doesn’t want me to see him so that I explain to him what the funders of the sugar project want to hear from the president in order to have political protection of their investment because the amounts involved is huge, tens of billions of dollars.

The vendors still ask but why Angoni our government which you and us suffered for so much to put in office has not given you an office so that you protect us from this council harassment? I have told them that let them wait because on Christmas today, I would be contacting you to get instructions on what to do next , this is

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