Sata gives his son contract to build Palabana university

Sata gives his son contract to build Palabana university

NOBLE SATAPresident Michael Sata has corruptly given one of his sons from his numerous women a contract to construct Palabana University.

Noble Mubanga Sata has already created a conduit in form of a construction company in order for the president’s family to plunder national resources.

The company is called Zambian Goldensun Construction International Limited and is one of the companies paid to build Palabana University despite the company being only three months old.

According to investigations conducted by the Zambian Watchdog, Sata met his sons on March 7, 2013 and asked them what he could do for each of them since he is an old man.

Mulenga Sata, the one who was selling dogs before his father became president but now a deputy mayor of Lusaka asked his father to give him oil contracts. He is involved with Trafigura.

But Noble Mubanga told his father that he would go into constructions.

After agreeing with his father that once he registered a company, his first contract would be to construct Palabana University, he registered a company on 26 March 2013, as the documents here show.

Before registering the company, Noble was buying and selling timber at Buseko Market in Lusaka.

President Sata laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Palabana University recently.

Other directors in the company are Chinese Nationals by the names of Ye Guanru and Ye Jianmin. But a source close to the Sata’s have told the Zambian Watchdog that Ye Guanru is also holding shares on behalf of President Sata’s other child based in South Africa called Mpanga Sata.

Noble is the embattled ex-husband to Konkola Copper Mines Corporate Affairs Manager Joy Sata who is also former Zambia Daily Mail Chief Reporter.

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