Sata goes for better medication in UK, cheated Zambia nurses plan countrywide strike

Nurses across the country now also feel cheated by the PF government that promised them with a 200 percent basic salary increment in their pockets but only to find a 4 percent peanuts in their bank accounts.

Early this year, the Zambianwatchdog warned civil servants that the PF government has also cheated civil servants by claiming to have given them 200 percent increment when they were only given about 4 percent.

But in a typical PF style, they denied and discredited our media reports but yesterday Dr. Joseph Katema, one of the parallel ministers of health finally admitted in parliament that nurses only got 4 percent basic salary, and the main beneficiaries were cleaners and other Classified Daily Employees (CDE).

As president Michael Sata is currently out of Zambia being attended to the best paid medical personnel and state of the art equipment in United Kingdom and possibly India, the Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) said its member were concerned because the total increment does not amount to 21%, but less.

Organisation president Thom Yung’ana explained that the true status after critical analysis of a number of nurses and midwives September 2013 pay slips, has established that, almost all nurses and midwives have been awarded a collective total salary increment of 21%.

The increment is broken down into 4% increment on basic salary, 2% increment added to the existing 5% basic salary as commuted night duty allowance and 15 % of one’s basic salary as the newly introduced health personnel shift differential allowance.

Mr. Yung’ana said he has since formally written to government, informing them of the alleged disparities, as well as to seek their urgent intervention and clarification.

The nurses are currently planning a nationwide strike which Health minister Joseph Kasonde said he was aware of and promised to rectify some things.

The minister said this in Parliament yesterday when United Party for National Development (UPND) Lukulu West Member of Parliament (MP) Misheck Mutelo asked whether the Government was aware that nurses countrywide were threatening to go on strike.

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