Sata goes missing again, not seen since February 27

Sata goes missing again, not seen since February 27

Sata at SHBoth Security and State House sources have briefed the Watchdog that  president Michael Sata has not been seen at State house for close to two weeks now.

The last time Sata was seen in ‘public’ was on February 27, 2013 when he was swearing in UPND MP Richwell Siamunene.

And sources say even the day Sata was swearing in Siamunene, he was not okay. That was the day when he was uttering some incoherent and shocking things bordering on hallucinations.

To the amazement of the nation, Sata was heard live on Radio Phoenix and other Radios saying it was Hakainde Hichilema and Kennth Kaunda who signed the Choma declaration in 1973.

Hichilema was 11 years old in 1973. Sata also said at the same occasion that when he, Sata, lost the presidential elections in 1968, he told his supporters  not to riot against the MMD. There were no elections in Zambia in 1968, four years after Zambia’s independence from Britain and the MMD was not even registered.

On Wednesday, Sata was scheduled to swear-in two other MPs from the UPND but the ceremony was cancelled at short notice. One of the MPs who were supposed to be sworn went up to State House gate where he was told the ceremony has been postponed indefinitely.

On Friday, Was supposed to officiate at Women’s day celebrations but he just could not appear instead another old tired old man called Guy scott turned up and read speeches on behalf of Sata. He did not care to tell celebrants where the owner of the speech was.

Scott, in the speech he read for Sata echoed the fears of the Post newspapers of free speech on the Internet. He said there is need to regulate discussions on the internent claiming that it is used to bully women. He said nothing about old men who cheat on their wives with younger girls as some people would find that to be a greater evil than comments on the internet.

Meanwhile, Sata’s wife who is also one of his personal doctors on Friday morning arrived in USA for some meetings. she was in South Africa two days ago.

The Watchdog will confirm shortly if Sata is with his wife in USA or is recuperating somewhere in Lusaka.


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