Sata goes tribal over UTH deathtrap


In his usual unashamed manner,the ailing dictator Michael Sata last week called for another meeting of UTH and Ministry of Health officials, only this time he summoned Bembas or those bearing Bemba-sounding names. The meeting was held at State House.
The agenda?”To map out survival plans for the government in order to prevent ‘us’ being booted out”.

He opened the meeting buy bluntly stating: “twalafwa bane tulingile twikatane,twafwane pantu ififilechitika ku UTH ngafyatwalilila kuti batupoka icalo aba ba mwisa.” We shall die. We need to be united because if what is happening at UTH continues, these settlers will grab power from us.
At first I didn’t understand why, unlike the previous meeting, where various heads of departments from both UTH and MOH, this time around some departmental heads were not invited but their juniors attended instead. In fact, invitations were made in absolute secrecy!
We noted that ALL the attendees at this meeting were Bembas or having Bemba sounding names leaving departmental heads who are from other tribes!
I am a Bemba and quite disgusted with this tribal ‘balkanisation’ of Zambia by the president and his clique of bandits who are busy tearing apart our cherished unitary status as a nation!
Already, moves have been mooted to ‘transfer’ non Bemba persons holding key positions at UTH, Ministry of Health, Cabinet Office and other key institutions like the security and defence services.
Those who will be left in their positions, if they are non Bembas will just be figure heads devoid of power. This is similar to MOH where Dr. Joseph ‘Impotent’ Kasonde has no power or authority (even if he is a Bemba),but authority is with the head of state’s spouse.
Here at health we call the minister as a ‘Proxy’ or ‘dummy’ minister, similar to what the late Hon George Kunda (MHSRP) described Guy Scot,who has never acted as president!
Let us fight this tribal snake, Now before it is too late!!
Zambia risks degenerating into Bantustans if we don’t stop this Bemba hegemony being promoted by the PF!
GOD save our beautiful nation by delivering us from this evil manifestation!

By the way PS Peter Mwaba has been transferred to ministry of home affairs because he refused to

1. Dismiss the nurses and when they were dismissed by the president himself he wanted to implement Cabinet Office recommendations for full are in statement of the nurses But the president was against such a move.
It was further pointed out that about 12 nurses were identified as ring leaders who were not to be recalled among the over 300 dismissed initially.
Dr. Mwaba has been a sober influence but in the usual brash manner the president has ignored professional, ethical or legal advise.
PSMD ALREADY wrote to recommend as stated above…to hide his embarrassment, the president has been trying to drag professionals, even Bemba speaking ones so that they go down together, in case of any eventuality as earlier stated.

Author’s name withheld

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