Sata had difficulties walking to his car after court

Sata had difficulties walking to his car after court

Despite Much drama in court yesterday, president Michael Sata ran out of breath after giving ‘testimony’, OP sources have revealed.

IMG-20140521-WA004Sata’s securities have told the Watchdog that they carefully assisted him to get down to the staircase to the BMW.

Meanwhile, a medical doctor has told the Watchdog Sata looked like a person who had just suffered a stroke.

‘As you saw, he did not utter a single word after giving testimony; he was looking extremely pale, He was dragging his feet when walking from the courtroom. We feared he could fall,’ said security officers.

‘He was assisted to put his other leg into the vehicle which he could not do on his own. The way you move the legs of a two year old . He was also assisted by a security officer to seat properly in the vehicle and failed to raise the PF symbol when some PF cadres chanted to him,’ continued security officers.
‘He did not greet, or shake anyone’s hand or chat with anyone as per Presidential etiquette because of exhaustion. He definitely looked like something is seriously hurting in the body.

Security officer further revealed that Sata was advised not to go to court but he insisted, but that before going to court he was attended to by a doctor to give him some steroid injections for energy, said sources.

‘We don’t know why he insisted on personally giving witness testimony today. He was visibly extremely exhausted,’ said sources.
At the court itself, one police officer was heard saying Bamudala basila, ndiyemwamene balili choncho, Lusaka Province Police Commission Lemmy Kajoba was also at court with Michael Sata.

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