Sata has degree in political science-Sichisumo

Kalulushi Patriotic Front Aspiring Member of Parliament Kenny Siachisumo has condemned the National Constitution Conference(NCC) delegates for voting in favour of the clause which says only degree holder should be allowed to stand as presidential candidates.

Mr. Hachisumo told the Zambia News and Information Service in an interview in Lusaka today.

He said leadership is God given and that it does not take one to be a degree holder to rule the country well.

He said as far as he is concerned, Patriotic Front President Mr Michael Sata has got a degree in Political Science he obtained in London and that it is not a crime if he has not availed his degree to any one as he is going to do so at an appropriate time and to the relevant authority not anyhow because professional documents are secretive.

“You see, when you have some papers, you don’t go in the street announcing to every one that you have such papers”, said Mr Hachisumo.

He said the Patriotic Front leader  Michael Chilufya Sata is going to stand as a presidential candidate in the forth coming tripartite elections scheduled for 2011.

The NCC recently adopted a clause for a degree for aspiring presidential candidate, a move that has disheartened sections of society.

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