Sata has liberated Barotseland, says Musialela

Sata has liberated Barotseland, says Musialela

 A senior citizen in Mongu district has charged that President Sata’s refusal to re-instate the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 as recommended by the commission of inquiry formed by himself means that he has liberated the Province from the rest of the country.

Evans Situmbeko Musialela told Watchdog on Friday that it was clear as shown by Sata’s reaction to the recommendations made by the Roger Chongwe commission of inquiry that he already had a position against Barotseland.

“You see by refusing to re-instate the agreement what the head of state is saying is that we have reverted to our original status as Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia respectively” said Musialela.

But Charles Mwape of the so called Christian Coalition says his organisation supports Sata for rejecting the recommendations of the commission of inquiry he set up using tax payers money.

Musialela said that the unitary agreement between Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland demands that the agreement be recognized noting that refusing to honor the agreement means that the two countries have reverted to their old status.

“So in short what am saying is that failure to implement the Barotseland agreement amounts to frustration of the treaty which gave rise to questions about the agreement and it jeopardize the continuous existence of the unitary state” he explained” he said.

He said Barotseland agreement cannot be compared with any other province in the country bemuse in the first place they did not exist when the Barotseland agreement was being signed.

Musialela said Barotseland was already a sovereign state by the time the agreement was signed adding that Barotseland is far much older than Northern Rhodesia and Zambia as a whole.

“Barotseland is 600 years old, when the British came they found us already organized therefore what the utterances made by the head of state yesterday has given us our definition as Barotseland” he added.

“Therefore we are very thankful to the head of state for liberating us” said Musialela

But Charles Mwape, who gave his position as board chairperson of the Christian Coalition told the Watchdog that Sata should be supported for rejecting recommendation of the commission of inquires on the restoration of the barotse agreement because  the unity of the Nation comes first and is above tribe and regions

He said Zambia shall forever remain a unitary state with respect to all tribes, allowing the restoration of Barotse agreement today will bring tribe conflicts among tribes because of intermarriages that exist among Zambians.

Mwape further asked political and religious leaders to support Sata on this decision and engage the people of western province on how best the development issues can be addressed administratively and avoid politicking on serious matters of development and service delivery to the people of western province.

‘It’s time that all westerners especially Christians raise and voice out in support of Governments decision and reject selfish people calling for restoration of Barotse agreement. ‘

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