Sata has maintained corrupt people – Intelligence Report

An Intelligence Adhoc report has disclosed that dictator Michael Sata has still maintained corrupt people in the public service and his cabinet and his failure to come out clearly on who shall succeed him could have dire consequences on the nation if the ailing dictator died hence the frustration of  Father Frank Bwalya.

The report which was obtained by the Zambian Watchdog also says that the outspoken Catholic Priest, who has been a close ally of Sata feels under rewarded for his role in bringing the PF to power.

“The visible frustration of Father Bwalya is based on the fact assumption that President Sata has still maintained corrupt people in his cabinet and the public service, he feels not adequately rewarded for helping the PF and in his assessment of the political environment he feels this is the right time for him to come out and sale himself in readiness for the 2016 tripartite elections,” reads the report in part.

The report also recommends that Father Bwalya’s political maneouvers need to be monitored very closely due to the fear that he may team up with the UPND and MMD to defeat the PF which is fast losing popularity arising from the many corruption scandals and succession wrangles that have rocked the party.

“We cannot overrule the possibility of Father Bwalya teaming up with the UPND and MMD to fight the PF government in 2016, with hope that he could be rewarded with a ministerial portifolio if the PF is defeated,”  further reads the report.

It further reveals that Father Bwalya’s father is Tonga from Pemba district of Southern province.

“Father Bwalya also revealed in 2011 that he would succeed Sata and that his vision is growing stronger by the day as 2016 tripartite elections draw nearer, with the President not coming up with a successor, this scenario could have dire consequences if Sata died,” reads the report in conclusion.

But sources from the intelligence and within the PF said it was still not too late for Sata to reascertain himself by delinking himself from the corrupt clique that has held him and the PF hostage. “The best the head of state can do is to detach himself from the likes of Mmembe (Post newspapers editor) and other corrupt elements otherwise the boat is sinking so fast,” said the source in an interview in Lusaka.

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