Sata hates me as person but am not scared of his threats, HH says

Sata hates me as person but am not scared of his threats, HH says

HH greeting ailing dictator Sata a few months ago

HH greeting ailing dictator Sata a few months ago

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says that he was not worried over threats by President Sata who has accused him of fanning or creating confusion on the Copperbelt by holding meetings in the area.

He said it was important for the people of Zambia to ask President Sata why his party was losing elections instead of the President threatening Hichilema over baseless accusations.

Hichilema wondered why President Sata was worried with his (Hichilema) meetings if the opposition in the country was weak as he claimed.

“The problems with President Sata are that he has personal hatred for me and any person who reminds him that he is President of this country, he sees nothing good from me even when we raise issues of great importance for the development of this country, he sees nothing and the time we do that he wants to take that as an opportunity to disgrace the opposition and insult us as if we are kids. We are not going to accept to be bullied the way he was doing things in the PF,” said Hichilema.

He said that it was unfortunate that President Sata was now scheming to arrest him for inciting miners when the truth was bare for everyone to see and ready.

The opposition leader said that he was ready to face President Sata for standing for the truth and speaking on the behalf of the poor majority who were facing hard times under the government of the PF.

Hichilema said that the UPND was not a violent party compared to the PF and the sharp reactions he was receiving from State House was in a bid to silence and cower him, a situation he said was just one of those schemes aimed at intimidating Zambians.

He said that he will not stop talking  about the ills of the PF, the corruption, tribalism and nepotism being exhibited by t he leadership because he was a concerned Zambian who always wanted the best for the country.

Hichilema said that the opposition was now more resolute to liberate the people from serious dictatorship the country was quickly sliding into under the PF.

“The President himself should take responsibility to address various issues the miners, marketers, and poor Zambians are raising. He should not be quick to start making those warnings, why are the PF so scared, why can’t they learn to promote democracy just like other have done before this government?

We know all the tactics President Sata wants to put forward, we shall not be surprised if we hear that we have been stopped to hold meetings actually the PF has never allowed us to hold meetings with our people, we have to also warn them that they should respect the laws and observe the human rights and freedoms the people of Zambia enjoy.

They are campaigning, we know that. Kabimba is going round the country campaigning for himself, what is wrong with the opposition campaigning? We are not scared of them. Let them come and arrest me for holding meetings,” said Hichilema.

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