Sata ignores death of Litunga’s wife

President Michael Sata and the entire government have completely ignored the death of the wife of the Litunga of Western province who died on Monday this week at UTH.

So far there has been no message of condolences to the Litunga and the people of Western province from Mr. Sata or anyone in his government.

Mr. Sata is normally in the forefront sending messages of condolences even to none entities in society plus musicians, footballers, chiefs, and politicians.

And sources close to the family say government has been very quite and have not even indicated whether they would provide any help in carrying the body from Lusaka to Western province.

Yesterday, Mr. Sata was busy making his endless but meaningless cabinet reshuffles and still no word on the death of Litunga’s wife.

On Tuesday March 11, 2014, the Royal Barotse Establishment officially announced the death of the Queen meaning that people were now free to start mourning and sending messages of condolences but the Zambian government simply ignored the funeral.

The Litunga is one of the only four paramount chiefs in Zambia and the whole of Western province is in mourning.

But when the Chitmukulu of Northern province died, Sata was the first one to send messages of condolences even before traditionalists announced the death.

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