Sata in a fix with GBM, Kabimba gangs

As the noise on the endorsement of President Sata for 2016 rages, the Zambian Watchdog has been observing on how and when President Sata would respond to the calls.The Zambian Watchdog however think Sata is in a fix because he owes both groups a great deal. For those doubting we would like to say that only time will tell.
But meanwhile,  consider the following observations,
Firstly the Pro-Wynter group comprises among many, Emmanuel Chenda, Syvia Masebo, Miles Sampa, Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito.If you look at at Kabimba, Chenda and Masebo, Sata new them when he was Governor of Lusaka and eventually Minister of Local government.
when Sata was Minister of Local Government Wynter Kabimba and Emmanuel Chenda were Town Clerks of Lusaka and Ndola respectively. That is how Sata managed to buy a lot of cheap houses both from Lusaka and Ndola. It is actually Sata who allowed Kabimba to buy a double story house in Lusaka’s Independence avenue at K 3000 then. That is the house being occupied by Kabimba today. It is house number 337 Independence Avenue Lusaka.This means Chenda and Wynter have a lot of secrets on Sata’s properties dotted around Lusaka and Ndola. It is certainly very difficult for Sata to dump these two.By the time Wynter was Town Clerk for Lusaka, Syvia Masebo was the Deputy Mayor of Lusaka so for a council house to be sold, a council meeting had to be called and Syvia played a part. Syvia also is very close to the PF cadre Chieftainess Nkomeshya a staunch Catholic like Sata.Nkomeshya is very close to Sata’s brother in-law Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu also a staunch PF cadre.
Miles Sampa is Sata’s nephew and helped him a lot when he served as an assistant Director at Finance Bank.
Fred Mmembe who called Sata all sorts of names and said Sata would never become President of Zambia is a very cunning person. Apart from helping to paint Sata White from Black,during 2011elections also helped Sata with finances so is Mutembo Nchito who is also helping persecute Sata’s perceived enemies. Actually some people have now started suspecting that Sata may have also benefited from the K14Billion DBZ debt. Fred and Mutembo may have given part of the money to Sata for campaigns. It may not be true but is is worth pursuing.
GBM pumped in a lot of money in supporting the PF. GBM even risked an arrest when he told the Drug Enforcement Commission that the money suspected to have been laundered through Sata’s account was his. This is when DEC summoned Sata. At one time GBM got fed up of supportng Sata financially but GBM’s daughter Sibongile prevailed over her father. That is why Sata rewarded Sibongile with a job in the diplomatic service. Sibongile does not need a job. She is just on holiday. By the way Sibongile has been spotted in Lusaka in recent days.
Edgar Lungu offered free legal services to Sata whenever he was caught on the wrong side of the law. Willie Nsanda like GBM a transporter also helped Sata. He was actually his campaign manager. He is also chairman for RDA were Sata’s son Mulenga is chewing big money.
Robert Chomba is the owner of Euro- Africa bus services. He also helped Sata with money. He also used his buses operating between Lusaka and Kitwe as campaign tools for PF. Robert Chomba is also the board chairperson of the embattled Development Bank of Zambia which is owed billions by Fred and Mutembo.
Mulenga Natwange is Sata’s Godfather. He is the owner of Bookers Express Bus Services. He helped Sata with money. It is also believed he joitly owns the Natwange building with Sata at Woodlands Shopping Centre. coincidentally it is like Sata worked very well with transporters. He needed daily cash to operate while in opposition and the only people he could get hold of were transporters.
From these basis points, it is clear that President Sata is in a fix.We hope he is not thinking like David Phiri to wish himself dead.In the coming days the Watchdog will give you an analysis on who could be the better devil between the GBM and Wynter. We will also give you an analysis on the relationships between the endorsement debate currently raging and the third term debate during the late President Chiluba’s reign which was sparked by Sata. Be on the look out.

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