Sata in Mpongwe to cheat voters that he created 50,000 jobs in less than two years

President Michael Sata this morning attended a mass at Saint Theresa Catholic Church at Ibenga Mission in Mpongwe constituency where he is scheduled to hold a political rally to drum up support for Patriotic Front candidate Gabriel Namulambe in the forthcoming by elections on this Thursday 28th February 2013.

Mr. Sata who ordered Livingstone police to cancel the UPND Zambezi ward rally today because he was scheduled to hold another rally in the area, upbrutly left the area yesterday.

This morning he opted to go to Mpongwe to join vice-president Guy Scott who is already in the area together with senior government ministers to make more promises for the people of Mpongwe.

During the Villa Grounds rally yesterday in Livingstone, Sata claimed his government had created more than 50,000 jobs in the less than two years of being in office.

In his short speech to congregants, Mr Sata called for togetherness and hard work among government leaders.

The President noted that the Catholic Church was doing a lot in helping vulnerable and orphan children, hence the need for government leaders to work with the church to ensure that they continue helping many more children.

The President cited St Theresa’s Ibenga Mission of the Catholic Church in Mpongwe as one of the partners of government in helping children and called on ministers and Members of Parliament to always ensure that they work closely with such all churches.

And President Michael Sata has directed Copperbelt Province, Minister Mwenya Musenge, to ensure that the road branching from Mpongwe turn off to Ibenga Mission is tarred.

President Sata told the Copperbelt Minister that he would like to see the roads connecting to Mpongwe district tarred within a short period of time.

During the same mass the head of state made the PF candidate for Mpongwe constituency by election Gabriel Namulambe to kneel down in front of the congregants to apologies and pledge to work with the church.

Immediately after the mass the President and his entourage paid a courtesy call on Chieftainess Malembeka of the Lamba people at her palace which is a few meters from the main road.

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