Sata in State House but in vegetative state

Sata in State House but in vegetative state


 File picture: Sata with ZAF Commander  Eric Chimese and  Army Commander Lt Gen Paul Mihova

File picture: Sata with ZAF Commander Eric Chimese and Army Commander Lt Gen Paul Mihova

President Michael Sata is at State House but in what sources say ‘vegetative’ state and that he arrived on Saturday not Friday and landed at Mumbwa Air force base.

Meanwhile, security sources have disclosed that during Wynter Kabimba’s self imposed rule as acting president, service chiefs also refused to attend daily, security briefings.

The Watchdog already reported how Kabimba faced resistance from some cabinet ministers who refused to attend the weekly cabinet meetings chaired by him, hence the lie that Sata directed him not to chair any cabinet meeting.

‘If anything Kabimba was so eager to chair the cabinet meetings during which he hoped to stamp his authority on the party and government,’ said PF senior officials.

But now information has emerged that even the daily security briefings (involving the Zambia Intelligence, Zambia Army, ZAF, ZNS, ZP, DEC and ACC) could not take place as only DEC and police commands were turning up. Other commands stopped attending the briefings after the Watchdog revealed that Sata did not properly handover power to Kabimba as he was unconscious the day he was evacuated to Israel via South Africa.

Sources say other commanders realized and feared that they could be implicated in ‘treason’ related charges later. Defence minister Edgar Lungu and his home affairs counterpart Ngosa Simbyakula are said to have remained mute when commanders asked them on the way forward. Under normal circumstances the two must have been communicated to so that they issue directives to the commanders but they were still in the dark.

President Michael was sneaked back into the country on Saturday afternoon around 15 hours aboard the presidential challenger that landed at ZAF Mumbwa airforce base.

The presidential chopper picked him from Mumbwa ZAF airforce base to State House.

As a way of disguising the situation, the presidential sentries outside State House gate were put on Friday, but the presidential flag was only put on Saturday afternoon.

Sources say his condition is still very critical and remains in vegetative state and was only brought back for security reasons and medical staff in Israel could not do anything about it.

He came back with some medical staff and equipment from Israel to continue his medication here in Zambia.

He spoke to one prominent citizen (name withheld for now) for about 2 minutes only.

Insiders say it is a total waste of time to concentrate campaigns on him as he is incapable of responding and running the country.

The Country is in total autopilot for now.

To further show that Sata is in the country, his wife Kaseba will be seen in public either tomorrow or Friday. Kaseba will be meeting United Kingdom (UK) Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening. Greening is expected to be in Zambia today, July 9, 2014.

Keep checking the Watchdog for update…

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