Sata increases his salary again, third time since he was elected

Sata increases his salary again, third time since he was elected

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 04.31.40President Michael Sata has again increased his basic salary for the third time within two years. Sata’ basic salary was last week increased to K414, 406, according to the latest Statutory instrument unearthed by the Watchdog.

And salaries for the vice-president, ministers and all MPs have been increased. The PF regime has also allocated funds to pay the leader of the opposition whom they do not recognize.

Three days after increasing the salary for Sata and his ministers, Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda told parliament when he presented the 2014 budget that there will be a wage freeze for civil servants for the next two years and that there would be no recruitment for public workers.

Sata’s latest increment of his salary was done right in the middle of nurses and midwives’ strikes to ask for better pay.

Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda signed statutory instrument number 91 of 2013 (The Presidential emoluments Act), which increased Sata’s salary on October 8, 2013.

When Rupiah Banda left office in 2011, he was earning K164, 000 per annum but Sata has since increased his salary three times and now earns K414, 406 plus a special allowance of K108 000. Sata is also constructing his retirement house – man of action indeed.

On April 1, 2012, Sata increased his salary from the K164m (K162 000) per annum, which Rupiah Banda was earning to K327 million (K327 000).

This is according to statutory instrument no. 17 of 2012 signed by Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda.

The same Statutory Instrument showed that President Sata’ special annual allowance was increased from the K59 million (K59 000) Rupiah Banda was earning to K80 million (K80 000).

But this hundred percent increment was not enough.

On 14 June 2012, Sata’ salary was increased by K50 million (K50 000). This was according to Statutory Instrument number 43 of 2012 signed by Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda.

The additional K50 million was backdated to April 1, 2012 when the first increments were affected.

By the June 14, 2012 increments, Sata’ special allowance was increased from K80 million (K80 000) to K99 Million (K99 000).

But Sata is not alone in this selfishness. Salaries for all ministers, deputy ministers, Speaker of the national assembly and all MPs including the opposition have been increased.

Chief whips and deputy whips, all PF cadres, have been allocated money in statutory instrument number 92 of 2013 signed by Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda on October 11, 2013 while nurses and midwives were on strike.

But imbedded in this statutory instrument which amends the Ministerial and Parliamentary emoluments is the allocation of K189 000 to the leader of the opposition. According to the statutory instrument, the leader of the opposition will also be paid K48 000 special allowances and another 49 000 utility allowances.

But on November 14, 2012, Patrick Matibini, the PF speaker revoked the recognition of the MMD as official opposition.

“Hon Members, as matters stand at the moment, none of the opposition political parties in the House have the required requisite 53 Members to satisfy the quorum as provided for under Article 84 (4) of the Constitution. In this vein, the decision I made to recognise the MMD as Official Opposition in the House is hereby revoked,” Matibini said then.

According to the latest salary hikes for ministers’ salaries, the vice-president will now earn K250 551 basic pay plus other special and utility allowances, motor vehicle (both parliamentary and ministerial) and housing allowances, travelling allowances etc…

Minister will each get basic pay of K189, 672.

The numerous deputy ministers will each earn a basic salary of K179, 158 plus other utility and special allowances, housing, motor vehicles allowances, travelling allowances etc…

The speaker of the National assembly has awarded himself K239, 557 plus other allowances.

Independence day will really be meaningful for some people this month.1 2 3

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