Sata’s Indian medical team arrive in the country

Sata’s Indian medical team arrive in the country

President Michael Sata’s special Doctors from India quietly arrived in the country last week.

Mr. Sata was supposed to have travelled to India but the trip has been cancelled at the realisation that it was going to be public relations disaster.

Sources with PF cabinet have confirmed that president was due for medical check-ups in India but the government has since opted to fly the Indian medical team and equipment into Zambia.

Sources said the doctors came to Zambia last week and medical equipment is also entering the country at tax-payers expense to check on the president’s health.

Insiders said they feared that Mr. Sata could not leave the country at a time when there were so many wrangles in the party and confusion in the country.

They also said it was going to be public relations disaster for the president to be out of the country for about 10 days when he has not been seen in public for a long-time.

They disclosed that even the trip to South Africa to wish good lucky to the national team was a mere public relations stunt to bring the president in public before he disappears for sometime again.

As an opposition leader, Mr. Sata always condemned government leaders who sought medication from abroad.

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