Sata is a liability to the country – FDD


19th September, 2014.
For Immediate Release.
SATA IS A LIABILITY TO THE COUNTRY: FDD. President Micheal Sata’s speech and performance to Parliament was not only disappointing and uninspiring but served as a wake-up call to all patriotic Zambians that President Sata has become a liability to our country. We are dissapointed that instead of using his opening speech to Parliament to address pertinent issues affecting our people the President used the occasion for a tirade for dry and tasteless jokes about his colleagues. As FDD we expected His Excellency to use the momentous occasion to give a clear roadmap on the Constitution making process; Give a clear policy direction on how his government intends to address the ever rising cost of living, poverty and youth unemployment; we expected the President to use the occasion to revoke the cruel and unfair wage freeze and employment freeze; we also expected His Excellency to give a clear policy direction on fiscal management and the poor service delivery among other important issues. It is now very clear to all patriots that President Sata and his PF Government have neither the know-how nor the political will to change the social, political and economic dynamics of our great country. Issued by:
Antonio Mwanza.
FDD Spokesperson


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