Sata’ s lies are from hell, says Bishp Chihana

Bishop Simon Chihana has castigated President, Sata over allegations that he and Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia-EFZ-Executive Director, Pukuta Mwanza intend to hold a press briefing to attack the President.

Bishop Chihana described the accusation as all lies from a bottomless pit of hell that do not deserve a place or part in the hearts and minds of the hearers.

He adds that the accusations are shocking and unbelievable.

Bishop Chihana says what is also shocking is what he has termed as un Presidential language used likening it to that of a person who has just entered night school classes of grade seven possibly at Mpika primary school.

And, Bishop Chihana has maintained that President Sata’s swearing in of the technical team was illegal without constitutional powers. He says he does not need a place on the technical team but desires that things are done lawfully as per advice of the legal and constitutional experts.

Bishop Chihana says he agrees with PF Secretary General, Winter Kabimba that Mr. Sata is still under shock that he does not believe that he is the head of state and needs time to recover.

This is contained in an electronic statement sent to MUVI TV News.

President, Sata yesterday charged that Bishop Chihana and Rev. Mwanza intend to hold a media briefing to denounce him.

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