Sata is a tribalist who only takes dev to Bembaland – Itezhi-Tezhi DC

Itezhi-Tezhi District Commissioner (DC)  Roy Nangalelwa says president Michael Sata is a tribalist who only favours and takes development to provinces occupied by Bembas.

In a recorded conversation, Nangalelwa said all the key ministries in the current government are occupied by Bembas and that almost all Permanent Secretaries are Bembas.

The DC said ‘there is now Bemba development’ as the PF has started constructing universities and schools in Muchinga, Northern and Lupuala provinces only. He said things are tough for other provinces and have to depend on NGOs for relief food.

Nangelwa also said PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba forced Sata to turn against former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba. He boosted how he impounded GBM’s trcuks at some point.

He said all the Bemba ministers are interested in succeeding Sata and Kabimba feared that the PF will be more Bembalised.

He said acting President Alexander Chikwanda was also interested in succeeding Sata. He said while laughing that but Chikwanda is sick and can collapse and die anytime.

Nangelwa did not know that his speech utterances were being recorded.

Nangelwa is one of the DC appointed by Kabimba but endorsed by Sata.

Listen to the recording below where it says


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