Sata is a violent thug, Mazabuka chief

Sata is a violent thug, Mazabuka chief

PF president Michael Sata is a mischievous thug who should not be trusted to do things that he is promising the people of Zambia during campaigns, Chief Mwanachingwala has said.

In an interview with the Watchdog Tuesday, Mwanachingwala said there is recorded that Sata is a violent man who does not believe in the rule of law.

The traditional leader said it will be foolish for Zambians to believe in the PF leader’s statements during his campaigns.

He said  few years ago Sata was in the forefront sending thugs to harass and hacking people in Lusaka’s Chawama compound.

“I felt sad that Sata is talking about things that he cannot do, he advised his members not to be violent when in fact his General Secretary Wynter Kabimba has issues implicitly directives that PF members should fight back and kill whenever they are provoked, what kind of a party is this?” asked chief Mwanachingwala.

He said Zambia needs a leadership that will unite the people after September 20th general elections, adding that the Patriotic Front’s openly support for violence is unlikely to help them win this year’s elections.

Mwanachingwala said it was up to the people of Zambia to decide whether violence and its violent leaders should be in power.

And chief Mwanachingwala has advise PF leader Michael Sata to appreciate the effort President Rupiah Banda has exhibited in ensuring that the livelihood of people in rural areas changes.

“The MMD government has tried to help people both in rural areas and urban to lead a decent livelihood and this need to be acknowledged by all, Sata is lying to the people that Farmer Input Support Programme fertilizer has been reduced from Eight bags to Two, that is a lie, people are getting four bags that is how far Sata will go to rubbish successes that have been scored,” chief Mwanachingwala said.

He also said that Sata was not worth a vote from Southern province because he has not told the people how he intends to govern.

“Apart from ordering his aspiring candidates to kneel before him and the people at rallies where he started parading them like kids what else did Sata say about the development agenda of the country? Apart from accusing others of benefiting  from privatization, what else did he say? Look, you Zambians we cannot and should not allow a person who wants to lead this country using tyrannical kind of tactics by accusing and fighting private citizens at will,” he said.

He said it was high time the people of Zambia realized that some of the people seeking to lead the nation have hidden agendas.

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