Sata is a wrong leader for Zambia, UPND youths

UPND Central province youth Chairman Milner Mwanakampwe has bemoaned the lack of priority setting by PF government and says Michael Sata is a wrong leader who must be kicked out of office the Malawian way.

In a media statement, Mwanakampwe said it was unfortunate that Sata had turned Zambia into a theatre hall where he was just busy cracking unnecessary jokes and advised the ailing dictator to restrict those jokes to his useless cabinet.

He said Sata had acted irresponsibly by not paying attention to the death of the ZAF pilots who died in a plane crash on national duty. He criticized the head of state for not awarding the pilots a state funeral.

“While the bodies of our ZAF pilots were in the morgue, Sata busy commandeered some more choppers to be hovering at the High court grounds in that unprecedented theatrical performance, he failed to attend the funeral and did not even award the heroes a national mourning while he has been declaring several days of national mourning to other people who may not even have died on national duty, what sort of a commander in chief is this one?”

Mwanakampwe said he was very confident that Zambians would use the Malawi formula to kick out the incompetent PF government.

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