Sata is cheapening the presidency, breaching the constitution on DPP

Sata is cheapening the presidency, breaching the constitution on DPP

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has accused President Michael Sata of cheapening the presidency by always attacking him over his wealth.

Mr. Hichilema said this country has serious problems than the so called Mr. Hichilema’s wealth which the whole lot of the president wants to concentrate on.

The UPND leader wondered when it became a crime for people to genuinely own property in this country.

“He is really cheapening and lowering the presidency by always talking about  my wealth instead of addressing pressing needs such as shortage of maize and  high mealie meal prices, farm in-puts that was never delivered to the farmers, students and educational welfare in the country. Can you imagine this is the man who promised heaven on earth when he was in opposition and now wants to concentrate on Hakainde’s wealthy instead of delivering on his many promises,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He is rather becoming an embarrassment and quiet shameful to the nation that each time he has an opportunity to open his mouth to give policy directions, all he talks about is Hakainde’s sources of wealth.

“This is becoming like a broken record now where someone sings about the same thing. The source of my wealth is not a new thing to me as many of Sata’s predecessors like late Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda also did a lot of inquiries on the same. So how will continuously investigating and talking about Hakainde’s wealth create jobs for the majority Zambians,” He said.

Mr. Hichilema said Sata should be thankful that him (HH) and other well-meanfull Zambians have worked hard to create jobs for fellow Zambians, something that he should also be doing as republican president.

He also accused Mr. Sata of breaching the constitution by directing the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate the source of his wealth because that was an independent wing from the executive.

“When we talk about judicial interference, this is what we mean. And since when did the office of the DPP became an investigative wing of government instead of the Police, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), and the Drug Enforcement Commission?” Mr. Hichilema asked.

He said Mr. Sata was constantly breaching the constitution by openly directing his friends at the DPP’s office to investigate whoever is their political enemies.

He urged Zambians to rise up and defend the constitution from Mr. Sata who is bent on mutilating it at every given point just to fix his enemies.

During a swearing in ceremony at State House, President Sata instructed the DPP to explore possibilities of prosecuting Mr. Hichilema over the source of his wealth


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