Sata is fit, can address a cabinet meeting for two hours only- reveals Kalaba

Ailing dictator Michael Charlie Kays Mwango Chilufya Sata’s useless MP and foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has continued with his diarrhea and having sleepless nights over the work of online media, particularly the Zambian watchdog.

Addressing staff at Kabunda Girls’ Secondary School in Mansa on Tuesday, Kalaba said plans by some online media to see the PF government fail to deliver would not succeed.

The Zambian government had invested huge sums of taxpayers money in blocking the Zambian watchdog and other critical online media using cheap Chinese equipment.

They even went to the extent of harassing and arresting any journalist they perceived was reporting for online media with trumped up cases ranging from being in possession of obscene materials to stealing old library books.

But the smart Watchdog opened an even more lethal and popular face book page exposing the rot, immorality, corruption, and all sorts of evil being committed by the likes of Kalaba and his friends.

Of late, they have tried to open their own stunted face book pages that never grow and slandering anyone they think is an enemy of the People’s Fault (PF) government, with the idea of countering the Zambian watchdog work.

Kalaba is quoted by the PF magazine, the Post Newspaper as saying spreading of false information against the government by the online media will not make it fail to develop the country.

The Zambian watchdog regularly publishes original documents sometimes from Mr. Sata’s leaking colonial office, but Kalaba, who is also Bahati member of parliament, noted that most online media had found it enjoyable to publish distorted and alarming information.

“The only true aspects that the most online media publish are the pictures and captions of the victims; the rest of information is false,” he is quoted in the Post newspaper.

He said decision makers should not rely on distorted information from the Internet.

“You as opinion makers should make thorough research on most of the issues that online media is falsifying against us,” Kalaba said.

He further urged staff to ignore information published by online media suggesting that President Michael Sata was unwell.

“Don’t be cheated; President Sata is very fine. Recently, we had a cabinet meeting which he chaired for over two hours. Surely, is it possible for a sick person to chair a meeting for about two hours and thirty minutes? So, I don’t think intellectuals like you can be deceived,” Kalaba said.

In fact, we hope Kalaba was misquoted by the PF image builders by leaking information to the public that Charlie Mwango Katongo Chilufya Sata was only able to address a cabinet meeting for about two hours and thirty minutes only.

If that is the true position, then there is really cause for concern because former presidents would sometimes address these meetings from morning till early hours of the following day.

Actually even a simple kitchen party meeting lasts for more than 3 to 4 hours, what more a cabinet meeting addressing challenges for the more than 13 million Zambians.

For those in offices, you can testify that a simple departmental meeting can sometimes last the whole morning, what efficiency has Sata got to address a cabinet meeting for all the ministries within two and half hours.

So these idiots are paid huge salaries and allowances just to sit for two hours once in a month?

Anyway, don’t panic Mr. Kalaba, we are still coming for you.



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