Sata is hiding from you because his lies have caught up with him- Canisius Banda

Sata is hiding from you because his lies have caught up with him- Canisius Banda

10600662_794802347237184_1937878652891622318_nThe people of Eastern province must not remain behind with the wind of real change that has swept across the country, says UPND vice-president Dr. Canisius Banda.

Speaking when he addressed various meetings in Chipangali, Kasenengwa and Vubwi on his was for nominations, Dr. Banda said it was important the province rallied behind the UPND leadership and its party president Hakainde Hichilema.

“Sometimes we have been accused of remaining behind, this time I was us to take the front position. We thank our great son Rupiah Banda for the hard work and peaceful transition. But we all know that it was a costly mistake to put the PF government in power. But not all hope is lost as the UPND will reverse the bad PF leadership,” Banda told spontanous but well attended crowds he was meeting on the way during nominations in Vubwi and Kasenengwa constituencies.

Dr. Banda, who mainly spoke in local languages, accused the PF of having completely neglected the mainstay and survival of the people of Eastern province which is agriculture.

“The PF have consigned you to an early death by neglecting agriculture in this province. But it is understood because nobody among them probably owns a hoe or plough. That whole bunch of PF leaders cannot even distinguish between beans and maize seeds. Probably when they see green maize, they think thats plain grass or mere thick bushes,” Dr. Banda told the crowds that were shouting alubwela alubwela.

He said the UPND had a clear agriculture policies and economic programmes for various sectors in all parts of the country unlike these so called paya farmers.

“The name you have given PF as Paya Farmers (PF) is now the national slogan everywhere and thank you for taking that leadership role in describing them as such. But we should now take the front role and remove them whenever elections were called,” he said.

Dr. Banda said the country was on auto-pilot as the once vocal Mr. Michael Sata was no where to be seen.

“Sata is probably scared to face you Zambians because he has no more lies. The many lies he told the people of Zambia have caught up with him. We all dont know where he is hiding. We are hunting for him like a needle yet he made noise day and night cheating you to win the presidency,” he said.

He urged the electorates to vote for the UPND candidates in the forth-coming by-elections and defend democracy from PF evil schemes of wanting to manipulate the constitution.



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